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Film Acting Tips part 2 – Los Angeles Acting teacher John Sudol talks to actors about how facial expressions define the difference between stage and film acting and how the 3 beliefs of what film acting is could be devastating to your on-camera acting career.

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6 thoughts on “Actors Film”

  1. I use to believe the myth that it was all in my eyes! Now I know I just was
    not putting to use all the other facial muscles to create the
    expression…eyes can not sell it all!

  2. That’s so correct. Although the eyes can reveal that you’re focusing on
    something or give an indication that something is going on with you, they
    don’t tell the viewer exactly what you’re feeling. I think a lot of young
    actors today confuse staring at their acting partner with the actual
    transmission of thought, feeling or emotion. It’s critical to your
    on-camera success to know the difference.

  3. Wonderful knowledge. I have been guilty of “eye” acting in the past,
    neglecting my facial expressions. I will buy Mr. Sudol’s book. I think it
    will be very helpful.

  4. Hello Joseph, Thanks for your comment. If you go to my website and register
    you can get the early release discount. Keep in touch. I will be posting
    some new videos shortly.

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