Actors Star Wars

Joss Whedon, Ewan McGregor, Mila Kunis, Mark Strong and more talks Star Wars Episode 7 casting! Playlist: Subscribe for more from TotalFilm:

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26 thoughts on “Actors Star Wars”

  1. I Hope the following people will direct the next star wars movie Stepehen
    Spielberg or James Cameron or even the return of George Lucas or of course
    J. J Abrams

  2. “I do prefer true stories” – Jason Statham…..I’ve only seen the first 4
    minutes of Expendables 2 but I can safely say there’s a much larger chance
    of star wars being a true story than expendables 2!

  3. I’m glad Anakin isn’t around for Episode 7, because there would be lens
    flare coming off of every single one of his tears and I don’t think I could
    handle that.

  4. Dear J.J. Abrams, please involve Lucas in your creation of star wars, and
    try to make starkiller involved, he was a badass

  5. 1:27 What is it they say about touching your face while talking? And what
    about the true meaning of ‘interesting’? Just teasing, I’m sure she really
    is interested, really.

  6. I don’t have any faith in movie anymore, I’m sorry, I was a huge fan of the
    original movies, as a kid a dreamed of a far away galaxy with my Star Wars
    toys. Movies used to have stories with plots and meaning, now is soft porn
    on any goddamn movie on CGI green screens with pretty faces with no talent,
    is all about the sexy image instead of the damn story. Might as well let’s
    call it Star Wars 7 The Twilight Menace since that is where is heading.

  7. I could see Marky-Mark playing as some type of cutthroat Bounty Hunter or
    even a renegade Jedi. But damn, cast Mark Strong in their as one of the
    Sith. He would kill that roll!

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