Actors Star Wars Episode 7


JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode VII just released info on 7 characters it’s casting for, including potential children of Han Solo and Leia. Michael Arndt is the screenwriter. Subscribe

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28 thoughts on “Actors Star Wars Episode 7”

  1. I think she talking complete BS, what is the point of go any further then
    ep 6 the sith are dead and if they bring them back, it would be the worse
    plot ever. Its most likely going to be set in the old republic back 1000s
    years, were there is an army of jedi and sith, which will means more action
    and fun!

  2. Ben Skywalker:)))) good idea. Leader of the new Jedi order..Cool! I adore
    Benedict’s chewie impression, could B in the movie,also. Voice of Chewie
    after Smaug…sounds great. Hope there will B actors in the movie not just
    or Ben and their Disney army. Sould not B good..:)))

  3. Harrison Ford to return as Senator Solo. Jaina and Jacen Solo 9to be cast)
    and Carrie Fisher as Minister Leia Organa-Solo. Mark Hamill as Luke
    Skywalker. Other characters include a “military type”. Speculation about
    Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Jackman, Dennis Lawson and Mel
    Actors reportedly to be in the frame as cast members: Harrison Ford, Mark
    Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Gary Oldman, Hugh Jackman, Benedict Cumberbatch,
    Kenny Baker, Avery Brooks, Mark Wahlberg and Edris Elba.
    RETURNING CHARACTERS- Han Solo, Leia Organa-Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2D2,
    Wedge Antilles, C3PO .and Jar Jar Binks-The Elder.
    NEW CHARACTERS- Emperor Palpatine Clone, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jacen
    Organa-Solo, Jiana Organa-Solo, Mara Jade, 

  4. If this was coming out directly after Episode 6, then the HEIR TO THE
    EMPIRE storyline by Timothy Zahn would have been perfect…except that it
    wasn’t around then…so…the story would have to be set around 30 years
    later with the New Republic and Jedi Order established, while in a remote
    part of the galaxy (plotting from the shadows), the remains of the Galactic
    Empire rebuild their forces and ships, and then, find a leader that would
    lead them to true victory. Someone that would surpass the Emperor and

    Would that be Grand Admiral Thrawn?

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