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This is my top 10 most powerful Sith Lords.

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Source of information: Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki (

Know that this is my personal view. Disagreement is expected.

Note: All characters ARE Sith Lords. No Dark Jedi, Sith Acolyte or Cyborg (Grievous) in it.

There’s a revision of the list (mostly, just slight rearrangement of the order with Adas replacing Darth Nihilus):
3 ADAS – the legendary Sith king who united the Sith of Korriban earned the title of the Sith’ari or the Overlord of all the Sith and finally drove away the Rakatan invaders to protect his home planet and giving his life in the process ( he PERSONALLY led his forces into many battles)

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  1. Revan and Malak, while being great in their time. Are nothing in comparison
    to for example Tulak Hord. Naga Sadow, Ajunta Pall, Marka Ragnos, Exar Kun,
    etc etc etc…

  2. There is no question that Vader would have become powerful enough to be
    here, possibly even top slot, had he *not* been injured and cyberneticized.

    Such great potential, stunted by one foolhardy jump.

  3. Timothy Stein@ your really dumb bane wasn’t the only sith’ari. There was
    king Adas the very first sith’ari and Sidious who is the sith’ari. Also lol
    just because he is the sith’ari doesn’t mean he is the strongest 

  4. no shit sion was powerful his body is purely a almost charred corpse and no
    shit nihilus caused pain with his voice he barely had one it was kinda more
    sinister than f ing parsletongue

  5. weres Emperor Vitiate? bes the most powerful Sith Emperors of that time he
    force powers were passed exar kun his power early matched marka ragnos

  6. All wrong Darth Vivtek should off been first he can take control off
    people’s minds turning them to his own slaves he can even make copies off
    himself and fight he is the Lord off the a Sith

  7. #3 Plagueis is a pathetic Sith I’m sorry. Sidious right next to him also
    weak. Bane too. These 3 sith should be at the bottom of the list.
    Unless 10 is the best and 1 the worst then the list makes more sense.
    heres my list.
    10: Darth Bane Founder of rule of 2 destroyed the army of darkness threw
    9: Darth Plagueis As you said. Also made Anakin. Made most of the
    plan Sidious followed to become emperor. So with out him Sidious would of
    been a foot note.
    8:SIMUS as you said also was advisor on dark council for first sith
    7:FREEDON NADD as you said
    6:Darth Andeddu also known as the immortal god king the sith lord who
    knew essence transfer.
    5: NAGA SADOW as you said.
    4: SIDIOUS his achievements and force talent earns him this. Fav sith of
    3: MARKA RAGNOS as you said. Also said to be the most powerful sith of
    old sith empire.
    2: Exar Kun Elected dark lord of sith by old sith lords above. took
    1000 Jedi master to seal him. Most powerful Single Sith of all time.
    1: Lord Vitiate/ Emperor in old republic Longest living dark lord in
    history and achievements / Power are insane. Most notiable feat
    Drained the force of every remaining Sith lord, Force being, and the force
    it self on his own planet after the first great Sith war giving him
    ultimate power and turning the planet into a dead zone of the force. This
    power was put into him making his force power a factor of 10 to 1000 times
    stronger. Making him the Sithdari.

  8. I get that this video is really focused towards the most powerful Sith in
    reflection to their command over the Force (with a few exceptions), but
    don’t you think that’s a little one-dimensional? In my opinion, to truly
    gauge who’s the most powerful Sith Lord, you need to look not only at their
    Force powers but also their other skills. How they ran their respective
    empires. Their notable achievements and failures. Their ultimate downfall.
    I mean yes, Sion was a total badass, but after a nice long chat with the
    Exile he literally just gave up and died. You need to define what makes a
    powerful Sith before you start making a top ten list.

  9. Nihilus should be way above Sidious. Sidious was only a clever Sith
    Infiltrator. Jedi Scholar Baron Oveir (a 4th generation Sith Infiltrator)
    could top him. Plagueis was powerful, on the other hand. the only way
    Sidious killed him was in his sleep

  10. Sorry but I think you got your facts wrong on 1. Have you ever heard of
    Darth Revan? He was one of the strongest Sith that ever lived. Before he
    became Sith, he was one of the most powerful Jedi. Going to war, he
    destroyed and an entire armada that was threatening the Republic, then went
    to the Uknown Regions with half of the Republic and returned as a Sith
    Lord, and all the Republic soldiers and Jedi were seduced by his teachings.
    He was later captured by Bastila Shan, his future wife and a powerful Jedi,
    and was redeemed. And while he was a Sith, he first spoke of The Rule of
    Two, and put those teachings in a holocron, that was later found by Bane.
    So Bane put the rule in practice, but Revan created it. So that makes Revan
    the true Sith’ari.

  11. I agree with this list and I love nihilus and sion a zombie and a void of
    hunger in the force whose voice literally sounds like several tormented
    souls being crushed. There was a small scene in kotor 2 that not sure if it
    was created or if it was actual material that didn’t make it but those two
    face off and well it kinda is a draw even though sion got wrecked with
    force lightining and life drain but just didn’t give a fuck when he rose
    back again.

  12. I personally say that Plagueis and Naga Sadow were the top two. Come on,
    these guys figured out how to blow up stars and become immortal. Bane is a
    top ten sith, but I’d put him as number 5. 

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