Star Wars Characters Actors Names


The new improved version of my original video
*Star Wars The Orginal Trilogy actors before and today (original)*
This new version includes a more correct English, more people, different music, new pictures… I hope you enoy this new version!
I appolozige for the mistake in Sir. Peter Cushing’s image it says Mayhew i suppose it went a liddel fast on the text on that image.
Ever wondered how large or small changes the actors of Star Wars have changed over 30 years?

If you really want to see the original word error edition maybe we can argree on something.

26 thoughts on “Star Wars Characters Actors Names”

  1. Great Video 🙂 Dident see the new vid when i commented on the last one 😛
    Awsome if you made one for the prequels 😀 Great vid thumbs up

  2. @clubkid14 People who ask that question i can answer it: We se Alec
    Guinness as an elder Obi-Wan in the movies but we didn’t see an older
    Anakin + his faced was completley destroyed so if you tink of it that way
    its correct Episode 3 Anakin is the last time Anakin wasnt destroyed, why
    was it suddenly fixed with Shaw version?

  3. I believe they can still make an Episode VII with the aged actors of Luke,
    Han Solo, Leia and all the classic characters… they will be playing
    leadership roles in the New Republic. Like Luke can be the head of the Jedi
    Council and all his scenes will just be in the Temple room discussing
    matters… and introduce new actors and characters like their children.
    Jacen Solo.. Ben Skywalker and so on. When it’s time for Luke to fight, I
    believe they can CG him, as they did for other Jedi battles.

  4. @Sraye you mean like they did on Sir.Christoper Lee? They used a stunt for
    his fighting but if they made them anythimg soon im sure Mark Hamill would
    be able to do some tricks still, but as George Lucas retires from making
    blockbusters its very unlikly that a sequel trilogy will come. We better
    enoy the tv-shows: Clone Wars, upcoming Seth Green SW comedy, and The
    Live-Action show/Star Wars: Underworld

  5. @LordoftheJimmy Yes that is true of corse must have gone fast in the typing
    on the image, im sorry for the error, Sir Cushing was an amazing actor so
    good that i ventured back in time to find his Sherlock episodes

  6. aha 😀 I knew i saw him 😀 just 18 years earlier XD the film is the
    earliest take ( i think) of the valkyrie, it’s called ” The plot to kill
    Hitler” the exact same story as valkyrie 😀

  7. Nice vid here. Nod in your direction… No offense really but, there are
    more flattering pics of Carrie out there. Not on of her better “current”
    pics, lol. What about Jeremy Bulloch/Boba Fett?

  8. Sebastian Lewis Shaw (at the end) looks pretty much like an older version
    of Hayden Christensen!!! OMG!!! Sebastian Lewis could be the father of H.

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