British Actors Under 30

Welcome to heaven!!!
Here is 15 Britain’s finest, most charming, talented, hot actors under the sun!!! Men who have the most adorable accent ever!!! If you’re opinion differs, comment!! Say who you like!!!

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25 thoughts on “British Actors Under 30”

  1. yes but after serving for 3 years in NI i can assure you that the loyalist
    people of NI consider themselves british. british and great britain are two
    different things. great britain is the island, british is the people and
    the culture, which NI are certainly a part of.

  2. i doubt there is a single man or woman on earth who does not agree that
    these men are attractive, the fact that you claim you don’t only highlights
    your inferiority complex and an infantile hatred of the british. 2 words my
    little gringo spic chum…1.spanish…and…2.armada. now that was a great
    comedy. lest face it, what did spics give us apart from the inquisition?
    what did we provide, well, internet, computers, tv, football, in fact your
    entire life you ungrateful halfwit spic twat..

  3. I’d only consider Clive and Colin to be truly gorgeous from this list,
    though Liam Neeson wins points for being more of a man than most of these
    pretty boys.

  4. this needs to be updated because henry cavill, joseph morgan, Daniel
    sharman, tom hardy, tom hiddleston and benedict cumberbatch deserve to be
    on here

  5. Tom Hardy? Tom Hiddleston? Richard Armitage? David Tennant? Benedict
    Cumerbatch? Alan Rickman? Gary Oldman? Ben Whishaw? Gerard Butler? And all
    the other countless proofs of the fact that Britannia rules the hearts of

  6. Why hasn’t anyone uploaded “The Most Handsome/Hottest Men in Scotland”? ;-;
    David Tennant & John Barrowman are two of them….

  7. I like the vid but just to let you know Liam Neeson was born in N.I but
    considers himself to be Irish and I saw the note about JRM so credit for
    that 😉

  8. Check out the english actor playing in the new Romeo and Juliet…he’s
    better looking than the girl! I’m a bloke and Tom Hardy as ‘Heathcliffe’;
    my god my girlfriend was steaming!

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