Great British Actors

A slideshow tribute to some of my favorite British (and Irish) actors. Set to Kenneth J. Alford’s “Voice of the Guns” (well, the version from Lawrence of Arabia anyway), because I had it on my computer.

This is by no means an exclusive list, although I tried to get most of my absolute favorites in here. I may do a second volume of those I missed if I can find the time.

25 thoughts on “Great British Actors”

  1. Nice video – I agree with all the choices! Why ja have to put the irish in
    brackets though? -.- But yeah, good video!

  2. Great selection; many favourites here 🙂 Also nice to see some of the
    perhaps more underrated British actors of recent times; John Hurt, Tom
    Hollander, etc.

  3. i think Kenneth More, John Mills, David Niven, Dirk Bogarde, Patrick
    McGoohan, might have got a mention also Malcolm McDowell, Peter Firth, but
    realise you cant include everyone

  4. Some of them, particuarly Niven and Bogarde, would probably make the cut
    were there a follow-up. I have to admit to not being a John Mills fan

  5. I agree but I think AllenbysEyes heart was in the right place. There is
    certainly no need for brackets though. Should have been “Britain and
    Ireland’s…” or even “Actors of The British Isles”.

  6. Cary Grant, Daniel Day-Lewis, Stephen Rae, Albert Finney (GREAT actor),
    Charlie Chaplin, Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Dirk Bogarde, Barry
    Fitzgerald, Derek Jacobi, Donald Pleasance, John Geilgud, Noel Coward,
    Richard Attenborough, Roddy McDowall, Donald Crisp, Edmund Gwen, Wilfred
    Hyde-Whyte…… name a few more…………

  7. Thanks!!! Honours also due for Ian Richardson, Brian Cox, Ralph Richardson,
    Ian McShane, Christopher Plummer, Derek Jacoby, Richard Harris, Tim
    Pigott-Smith, Ben Kingsley, & Ewan MacGregor.

  8. Bob Hoskins,Joss Ackland,Paul Freeman, Sir Michael Redgrave, Peter Finch
    ,John Rhys-Davies,John Wood, Timothy Dalton,Robert Stephens, Albert Finney,
    Laurence Harvey, Trevor Eve,Charles Dance, Julian Rhind -Tutt, Sir John
    Guilgud, Sir Ralph Richardson, Sir Nigel Hawthorne,Peter Sellers,Paul
    Eddington, Peter Bowles, Leo McKern, Clifford Evans and Patrick Macnee
    should also be added to the list.

  9. Terrific list and of course its partial….a list of ALL the great Brit
    actors would exceed you tube’s maximum length. Thanks for posting this.

  10. The British are mainly not good-looking, very pale in complexion,with brown
    sometimes red/reddish hair too. They are usually tall, but not extremely so
    and are usually arrogantly cool. They are on average well educated, but are
    so snobby.

  11. Ticked all my personal-preference boxes (Edward Fox, Nigel Green, to name
    only two that often get overlooked) only to include Tom Hollander
    (seriously?) and Robbie Coltrane (good, sure, but I don’t know how he got
    into this video when a lot of more obvious ones didn’t)

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