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The new improved version of my original video *Star Wars The Orginal Trilogy actors before and today (original)* This new version includes a more correct English, more people, different music, new pictures… I hope you enoy this new version! I appolozige for the mistake in Sir. Peter Cushing’s image it says Mayhew i suppose it went a liddel fast on the text on that image. Ever wondered how large or small changes the actors of Star Wars have changed over 30 years? If you really want to see the original word error edition maybe we can argree on something.

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This is my Star Wars Episode VII audition piece for the part of a 40 something military type, i made this following my meeting with JJ Abrams in May. I met JJ Abrams in London in May and told him about my acting and gave him my card, I also jokingly asked him if he’d cast me in Star Wars episode VII he said yeah sure, which obviously JJ was playing around as i was too and not to be taken seriously, but i did think that i could build on this and so i had the idea to create and design my own Bounty Hunter/General type costume AFTER this meeting, took me weeks to get it together and sewing, glueing, spraying and cost a fortune, (don’t tell my wife) and then i wrote a monologue whilst playing up to the official Lucasfilm casting breakdown of a 40 something military type, i have had this filmed in the same sort of style as the “Man Of Steel” General Zod promo where he addresses the people of Earth, but in this i address the citizens of the new republic and Grand Master Skywalker and i wanted it made as if it is a hologram transmission which i had placed inside an R2 unit and sent it to Commander Abrams (JJ Abrams) well i thought that was a nice touch anyway. so basically i was just using my initiative and thought i could do something original and proactive as Lucasfilm aren’t about to come to me, i believe you have to go out in the world and make your own luck and create your own opportunities, as nothing lands in your lap, unless you go to a lap dancing club of course, anyway so here it is, my attempt at trying to get a part or an audition for the new Star Wars trilogy. If you don’t like what i am doing, please don’t be rude, just say nothing, but if you like what i am doing and think i could fit in to the Star Wars universe and if you have any contacts in lucasfilm or Bad Robot then if you wouldn’t mind could you please possibly pass this on and help this film get some exposure and hopefully it could reach JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. Any negativity that i may get, i always think of that famous quote “How many actors does it take to screw in a lightbulb” (answer) 100, one to to actually do it and 99 to say “I could of done that” and i am the one that did it and your the one criticising. There is another quote that i like which also sums up negative people who can only insult you “Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits, to be great you have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood, stay strong!” I did consider doing a charity thing alongside this, which is always worthy whatever the charity, but i felt like …

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This is my top 10 most powerful Sith Lords. Music: Doom E1M8 – Sign of Evil Source of information: Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki ( Know that this is my personal view. Disagreement is expected. Note: All characters ARE Sith Lords. No Dark Jedi, Sith Acolyte or Cyborg (Grievous) in it. There’s a revision of the list (mostly, just slight rearrangement of the order with Adas replacing Darth Nihilus): 10 SIMUS 9 FREEDON NADD 8 DARTH ANDEDDU 7 DARTH SION 6 NAGA SADOW 5 DARTH PLAGUEIS 4 DARTH SIDIOUS 3 ADAS – the legendary Sith king who united the Sith of Korriban earned the title of the Sith’ari or the Overlord of all the Sith and finally drove away the Rakatan invaders to protect his home planet and giving his life in the process ( he PERSONALLY led his forces into many battles) 2 MARKA RAGNOS 1 DARTH BANE

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