Famous Actors List

Famous and Beautiful Jewish actors and actresses.
who are Jewish from their mother’s side, both sides Or converted.
To see the full list click here
I am Jewish and I made this list because in some unknown reason I feel connected to other Jews around the world including those

The song clip is “Raise your glass” of the singer Pink, who also is Jewish

29 thoughts on “Famous Actors List”

  1. no they’re just one of the three ‘main’ religions. Look it up, they
    actually represent a tiny part of human population, it’s just that they
    left/are leaving their mark

  2. that is absolutely ridiculous. every think that the reason Jews may mix
    less than other religions is because they’ve been targeted so many times!
    They need to stick together because theyve learnt they cant trust others to
    not turn around and start KILLING THEM. E.g. the holocaust!

  3. Dear you should have a trip to there and you will find out what is the
    truth as I did , my country lies about everything , I can’t believe that I
    used to support those killers . Hitler was wrong and bad but they became
    worse !! They did to people Same as what Hitler did to them ! This is so
    wrong and I will never accept this , Palestinians paid for what Hitler did
    … This is unfair

  4. I’ve been there.. more times than I can count. My family owns property
    there. how DARE you say they are worse than Hitler?! How dare you even
    compare them?! Your ignorance is laughable. Israel is beautiful and so are
    the people. Please, try to open your mind and your eyes.. I know you have
    never been there because I have been there, I know how it is there, and
    what you are saying is nothing even close to the truth. Don’t spread
    hatred. You’re either mistaken, deranged or brainwashed.

  5. hahahahah sure sure you dont fool me. keep going with your stupid
    propaganda about the Jew and the violins behind. Gentiles are sub-humans in
    the Jewish religion and we all know what that means. Hitler just gave them
    the taste of their own medicine. The Talmud is one of the most racist books
    ever to come from print. And Yes many orthodox Jews still act on its

  6. Mel Gibson was totally right. Every actor knows that actually but they keep
    their mouth shut cuz they will suffer the same fate as mel did.

  7. Oh yeah? well you should cuz 3 billions od US dollars that are taxpayers
    using your money to help the Zionist through many lobby groups. US
    politicians are corrupt and they are bought by Zionists in USA to vote for
    the foreign aid to ISRAEL. A Jew is a Jew wherever he is and american jews
    are maybe the worst.

  8. well i’m arabic and i don’t hate jewish but i hate what they are doing to
    the world i’m not talking about a simpel pepole! i’m talking about the high
    power of isral they fucking kill our children and our familly!! and i know
    every sing one in this world dont like what is happend in palastin yeah!!
    the kings of israel give a gun to solders and the order them to kill!! they
    can’t do anything about this shit!! but we have god in our hearts and we
    know someday we will be okey!! god bless you! salam

  9. Samantha Jews in America have no loyalty to your country and those in their
    hierarchy benefitted and still do by 9/11 and the war on terror. Take a
    look at the bank accounts of the stars here and I guarantee you they fund
    the ADL, AIPEC and the criminality which genocides not only Palestinian
    people but people all over the world.

  10. Sidali no Jewish soldier has ever been prosecuted for war crimes and
    America is the Bitch of Israel. Take a close look at the world today and
    you’ll see countries grouping under BRIC are isolating America. Why do you
    think America is making their presence felt in the middle east?

  11. Well said. I tried writing to Samantha also. Interesting that the NSA has
    access to all our bank accounts and monitor everything to a high degree.
    So, why did 9/11 and other incidents occur? And why aren’t those who fund
    Israeli terrorism revealed? I’m sure you know the answer to all these

  12. The Bible is a collection of books written very recently and the books
    which were edited or not put in were all under Constantine’s approval. This
    has nothing to do with `God’s word’ but promotes an agenda which works
    against all who want love and peace in the world.

  13. Hitler was actually a Czech jew. If you were to read the German newspapers
    at that the time one of the common headlines was at last a jewish leader so
    jews won’t feel so victimised. 90% of people put into concentration camps
    were not Jews. Take a look at the world almanac of that time. There were
    not 6 million jews in existence! Hitler’s job was to protect certain jews
    but not others.

  14. When is any country beautiful when you genocide the indigenous population
    and say that is God’s will? Israel is a front for the biggest crimes on the
    planet. The organ transplant business takes place there as do sex slave
    trafficking of women and kids. Most snuff films are made in Israel. The
    largest drug and gun trafficking takes place in Israel. It is the crime
    capital of the world. Tell me why UN arms inspectors ignore WMD in Israel
    but want to examine everyone else’s?

  15. Samantha Hitler was in the Employ of Wall Street as are most sadistic war
    mongering paedophilic psychopaths in the world today. Read Anthony Sutton’s
    book `Wall Street and Hitler’. It is over 60 years since the end of the 2nd
    world war and people still believe Germany lost the war! But ignore the
    fact over 80,000 of the Nazi elite were given amnesty by America, Russia
    and the UK. American policy today is exactly the same as what Hitler was
    attempting to do.

  16. That is the propaganda. To begin with there is no such thing as a Jewish
    gene. Mitochondrial DNA would show everyone who says they’re Jewish and
    belongs to the so-called promised land of Israel – isis, ra and el is not
    Jewish and is committing fraud and a war criminal. The God that Jews
    worship is Satan hence all the child sacrifice. Certainly, the Vatican has
    been managing a certain sect of the population and the biggest anti-jews
    come from the jewish community themselves.

  17. WHATEVER.EVER.ERRR Wtf I hate Jews and I dont give a F about Hitler either,
    No Jews in my country and If one Jew comes to politics here I will
    exterminate him and go to jail and save my country sone 10-20yrs time
    before another one comes. Thats how was done here for centuries.

  18. As Americans you ride Jew’s cock and do as Jews tell you. Theyre minority
    in your country and yet they dominate in all sectors where hard work isnt
    required. You mindless drone

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