Famous Actors Names

This is a video for people learning to speak English (as a foreign/second language).

Do you like to watch English TV shows and movies? Do you get nervous if you have to say the name of an actor? Don’t worry! Even native speakers have trouble pronouncing some of these names.

In this video, I show you how to pronounce the names of 29 actors. Not all of these actors are from an English-speaking country, but this is how to pronounce their names in American English.

If you’d like to know how to pronounce the names of actresses, watch this video:

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*I am Canadian. My accent and grammar are American, but sometimes my spelling is British.

How can you improve your pronunciation?


Here are the names I say:
Dan Aykroyd
Christian Bale
Javier Bardem
Jim Caviezel
George Clooney
Sean Connery
Russell Crowe
Tom Cruise
John Cusack
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Vin Diesel
Laurence Fishburne
Zach Galifianakis
Ryan Gosling
Adrian Grenier
Jake Gyllenhaal
Anthony Hopkins
Heath Ledger
Taylor Lautner
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew MacFadyen
Ewan McGregor
Liam Neeson
Joaquin Phoenix
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kiefer Sutherland
Eric Szmanda
Denzel Washington

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Song: I Feel You by Kevin McLeod
Used with permission

26 thoughts on “Famous Actors Names”

  1. @ayasnaj Both great actors! I love the movie “High Fidelity” with John
    Cusack. It’s great to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt become a successful adult
    actor, too.

  2. @TeacherMelanie what about Charlize theron and when it comes to actors
    tobey maguire. Will you do a video with the american pronunciation of
    famous brands?

  3. Hi Melanie. I’ve stumbled upon your website recently and it led me to this
    video. It’s really useful, and I’ve already emailed the link to my
    pronunciation/conversation students. In fact, I’m the co-author of SAY IT
    RIGHT – a multimedia program for English pronunciation (sayitright.eu),
    where we included hundreds of similar names and surnames, but still some of
    the names in your post will be new to its users! I’m adding your website to
    my goodenglishlearning.webs.com Keep up the good work.

  4. I love Colin Farell, too! He was hilarious in “Horrible Bosses”! I’ve never
    heard of Brandon Routh. What movies has he been in? = )

  5. A ha! I haven’t seen any of those movies, so that’s why I don’t know them!
    I will make sure to see those movies soon. Thank you! = )

  6. Actually, they’re not subjective at all! I went by how the actor says his
    own name. You might want to speak to Taylor Lautner about theο»Ώ
    pronunciation of his name, because he seems to have ‘plain f@#ked up’ his
    own name when he says it himself in this video: youtube (dot)

  7. Anthony Hopkins most certainly does not pronounce the H in his first name.
    Why don’t people understand silent letters anymore? Spelled Anthony,
    Pronounced An-Tony! Always has been, always will be, in true English.

  8. This is a video for people learning English. No one in America ever says
    ‘Antony.’ It may be the “true pronunciation,” but it’s not the common
    pronunciation. From the Oscars (watch?v=ftUGtsdSXeU) to Inside the Actor’s
    Studio (watch?v=t5Jz_hfaxDE?t=1m24s), his name is always said “Anthony.”

  9. I’m really surprised by this! I had never, ever heard his name pronounced
    ‘Antony.’ If he prefers that pronunciation, why doesn’t he insist on it,
    especially at the Oscars? Or maybe he did early in his career, but then
    just got tired of it. Everyone knows ‘Ralph Fiennes’ is pronounced ‘Rafe’
    for example. Thanks for your comment!

  10. I’m from Poland and I’ve never heard noone of my English teachers saying:
    “Antony”. In Poland we have Polish version of this name: “Antoni”, but
    teachers always warned me to say “Anthony” just like “Arthur”. Good video πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks! I’ve never heard anyone say ‘Antony’ for ‘Anthony’ either,
    especially not ‘Antony’ Hopkins. The British seem very upset with my
    pronunciation, however. = )

  12. No need to be sarcastic. That is the way it is pronounced, and I don’t
    really care how his wife pronounces it. It’s a Scottish name, any other way
    of saying it is just plain wrong. Hence, why the host said it correctly at
    the beginning, assuming that was the way it was pronounced.

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