Famous Male Actors

A personal selection of some handsome male movie stars of all times. I tried to choose only talented actors, but every noew and then my hormones prevailed;-)

20 thoughts on “Famous Male Actors”

  1. Tyrone Powers, Blair Underwood, Brian White, Sean Connery, Errol Flynn,
    Desi Arnez, Sr., Armand Assante, Will Smith, Boris Kodjoe, Fred Williamson,
    Shemar Moore, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Larenz Tate, Ricardo
    Cortez, Michael Phillip Thomas,

  2. As I said, this i s a VERY personal selection. HUH…my Lord, no Sean
    Connery? A big mistake, sorry. But I don’t like Armand Assante at all. I
    could insert Montgomery Clift maybe… or Bekim Fehmiu ,or Alexander
    Skarsgaard, if you want. But NO Armand Assante 😀

  3. TYRONE POWER, not Powers. And James Dean IS in the list. Robert Conrad is
    definitely NOT a movie star, but mainly a TV actor.

  4. Yes, European and Italian actors deserve a mention. It is amazing how some
    people think that handsome movie stars are only in Hollywood.

  5. The description says: “A personal selection of some handsome male MOVIE
    stars of all times”. With no pretence of completeness. If I should insert
    TV actors too, the liste would include a te least 2000 names.

  6. I am considering your suggestion. Anyway, I’d like to underscore that these
    videos are here only for fun. My serious stuff is definitely not on Youtube

  7. I am sorry that other people consider this comment as spam. SNoraz says
    that I did not mention black people and is right: at least, I should have
    mentioned Denzel Washington. I apologize for that and ask that SNoraz’s
    comment is activated again.

  8. Yes, my selection is personal but should be representative too. So Sideney
    Poitier and Denzel Washington deserved a place in my list. Thanks for your
    suggestion 🙂

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