Top Ten DVD Films



Good doesn’t always triumph over evil. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movies where the bad guy wins. And, it should go without saying but: SPOILER ALERT.

26 thoughts on “Top Ten DVD Films”

  1. False. Azazel jumps into the cat then makes its way into a city, hence the
    last -and first!- line of the movie: First line: “I wanna tell you about
    the time I almost died.” Last line: “Oh! You forgot something, didn’t you?
    Back at the start, I said I was going to tell you about a time I *almost*
    died. (he laughs) Be seeing you.”

  2. What about The Dark Knight? The Joker won in the end by bringing Gotham’s
    “Bright Light” (Harvey Dent) down to the levels of criminals. Although he
    didn’t succeed in getting people to kill each other, he created a monster
    in the process.

  3. what about Star wars episode 3 ? the jedi were nearly extinct. vader is
    born, the empire is born. i know luke and Leia is born, but the galaxie was
    nearly lain in darkness

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  5. the top 1 movie where the bad guy wins is 2012. just think about it, the
    rulers of all the countryes and the rich people all lie about the end of
    the world and at the end of the movie are the only ones that are alive
    while the rest of the people in the world has died.

  6. why are they the “bad” guys? that guy on no country for old men was the
    only cool headed one and doing what was fair and playing by the book you
    idiots. he just wanted his money

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  8. I wish this included earlier ones than CUCKOO’S NEST. I know earlier movies
    have a lot less of that, but there are some.
    I know this list leaves out the “protagonist you root for,” but in a way
    it could include the character in the western comedy WATERHOLE # 3. He only
    kills one person in the whole film, but what he does to the female
    character and gets away with is pretty strong.

  9. Hey, what about Nightmare On Elm Street? Heck, he literally wins in every
    single one somehow, but the very original stands out the most. He tricks
    the protagonist, Nancy, into believing she’s beaten him for good and is
    back in reality. Her mother says she’ll stop drinking, everything looks
    happy, but she’s really just back in his nightmare and he kills her mother
    while all the kids scream, roll credits. How could that possibly be left

  10. Ummm you forgot one of the best ones.
    Skeleton Key.
    It literally builds you up to think the protagonist wins the battle then

  11. They should have added the movie Fallen. The Demon Azazel wins at the end
    and turns out to be the narrator of the movie the whole time, everyone
    forgot the opening statement that he was telling a story about the time
    that he almost died.

  12. Law Abiding Citizen is an interesting one. I know the bad guy dies at the
    end but surely I’m not the only one who was rooting for him the entire
    movie! They should do a list like that

  13. The first SAW was great! I couldn’t feel my feet after it was over. I’ve
    never tried to rewatch it. But the during the sequels Jigsaw lost sight of
    his goal and starting becoming just another run-of-the-mill slasher with

    Rosemary’s Baby is a favorite. You just know the husband is gonna die in
    the future. Why would Satan keep a selfish actor around when his own son is
    on Earth? And it goes to show you that a mother’s love for her child is
    almost frightening unshakable.

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