Top 10 Actors Of All Time

my 10 actors of all time

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Actors Of All Time”

  1. where is Leonardo DiCaprio?Al Pacino is best than Nicholson and Brando.
    Brando is classified in third place and first goes to Robert De Niro….

  2. r u serious kid. How many Oscars has DiCapro won. Nicholson has won 3!!!!!!
    Oscars and Brando is by far the best

  3. i don’t give a shit! i don’t base my favorite actors on how many awards
    they have or don’t have. Some people (you, duh!) can’t recognize real
    talent for their life and they rely on useless awards to make up their
    minds for them. Johnny Depp has more talent in his fingernail than you will
    ever have in your whole lifetime!!

  4. Okay, but one thing. Pirates of the Caribbean ARE my favorite movies of all
    time, so can you get why Johnny Depp is my favorite actor? And like I said,
    I don’t like actors based on their awards. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor
    because he takes on risky roles that other actors may not be sure about, he
    works with the character to make it his own, and he makes it look perfect
    (in my opinion). I completely respect your opinion and those are great
    actors that you named. Just respect mine too 🙂

  5. ok, what range of characters has brando played. nicholson has definitely
    played the widest variety of characters, and he’s won the most oscars,
    oscar nominations, golden globes and golden globe nominations of all time.
    no other actor can compete with that kind of success.

  6. nicholson is #1, no question about it. he’s won the most oscars, oscar
    nominations, golden globes and golden globe nominations of all time. no
    other actor can compete with that kind of success.

  7. those actors are not top ten material. go on any professional website that
    ranks actors and you tell me if neeson, ledger, and roth are in the top
    ten. it’s about oscars and nominations dude, these actors have little to

  8. Oh fuck off dude! The oscars are bull shit as are those so called
    “professional” websites you brag about! Your a dumb ass! If you knew
    anything aboout talent you would know the actors I named are some of the
    top 10 best ever! And just for your info dip shit Heath Ledger in his short
    life had already been nominated 2 times and won 1 of them. Thats fucking
    legandary considering how few movies hes been in!

  9. DiCaprio is still young you fucking dumb ass! And also who gives a fuck
    about the Oscars? They are bull shit and dont know anything about acting!

  10. Pacino is great but have you seen Nicholson’s films? Watch “One Flew Over
    the Cuckoo’s Nest” and tell me he’s not a fantastic actor. DiCaprio is
    growing on me with such films as Inception, but he’s terrible in all his
    period and foreign pieces. Titanic, Gangs of New York, Blood Diamonds – he
    didn’t sell the roll in any of them. He can only play a modern day American
    and that means he’s limited. Great actors can play anyone.

  11. Everyone that said “What about Will Smith”? can slap themselves and go
    stand in the corner! The person who said “What about Nicholas Cage?” should
    go back to their home for “special” people. Those younger people that say
    names of younger actors, have some patience and make sure you watch the
    great movies THESE actors have made before you question the list. A 15 year
    old that’s never seen a movie made before 1995 cannot judge these things.


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