Top 10 Actors Today

These actors have yet to be rewarded for their excellence in cinematic achievements. In this video, we count down our picks for the top 10 actors who haven’t won an Oscar. Special thanks to our users “JPCA1999”, “Aldqbigsquare”, “WatchDogsFan47”, “AvrilLavigneandAFI”, “Louise Hjulmann Andersen”, “Przemke, scsvlogs”, “nait08”, “FilmSpence”, “Micheal JCaboose”, “hardcorelegend101”, “derfboy00”, “TheSnake26183”, “BenTK”, “jones7042” and “Shaun Vegafor” submitting the idea for this video at ๐Ÿ™‚

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Actors Today”

  1. Will Smith and Leonaro dicaprio show that the academy smoke crack will
    should have won by the persude of happines and seven pounds, and leo for
    his last 10 movies.

  2. Brat Pitt definitely deserves the Oscar. 12 Monkeys, Kalifornia, Interview
    with the Vampire, Seven, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club, Troy, Jesse James,
    Money Ball, The tree of life. Are my favorites. there are many more good
    ones. but he is truly a great actor.

  3. Di Caprio has come a long way.I liked the stuff he did with de niro as a
    child.hated the teenage heart throb stuff even titanic ,the beach, the man
    with the iron mask.but after that wow, he was even decent in gangs of new
    York,bar the accent.he has been brilliant ever since.the south African
    accent is tough as hell.he kind of over acted in the departed but was
    great. He has a tremendous body of work,which frankly, an Oscar could never
    achieve to highlight that he is a great Oscar.people know he is great.he
    shouldn’t worry too much if the academy ignores him,he is in great company
    with Burton, o Toole and co.people will always watch his films.what about
    Adrian Brody?

  4. I think the title should say “Male actors” as it feels very misleading, and
    also you should do a list with female actors who should win an Oscar as I
    feel they are very excluded otherwise.

  5. I don’t agree with Leonardo D’ caprio, he tends to play the same roll a
    lot. aka, the playboy who either dies, gets caught, or gets an incurable
    disease. I think Sam Jackson has been snubbed a lot though.

  6. The Academy does such a bad job at gauging the originality in the industry,
    Make a war movie during wartime and win. Create a completely original
    script and idea and you don’t even get a pat on the back. Case in point:
    Hurt Locker-Won Best Picture, Argo-Won Best Picture, Inception-nothing. The
    job of filmmakers is not to make a scripted documentary, its to create a
    fantasy and put the audience into it.

  7. Val Kilmer best actor the doors, best supporting actor tombstone. Ali was
    smiths only oscar worthy film to date. Ironically Pitt and Norton played
    split personalities of eachother in fight club and Leo was depps retarded
    brother in what’s eating Gilbert grape

  8. also leonardo was almost perfect in The Departed never seen such great
    acting. i would feel the same way if i was undercover and was the bossman’s
    best friend LOL that shit is scary.

  9. I love Robert Downey Jr. and agree that he deserves an Oscar, but I’m glad
    he didn’t win for Tropic Thunder. That movie was garbage. I didn’t think
    I’d like it after seeing previews, but tried to watch it anyway when it was
    on tv because he was in it. I made it about fifteen minutes before I turned
    it off. It was horrible.

  10. I think Will Smith is talented, but his movies (as a whole) are terrible.
    That probably has some to do with it I think. Plus + the academy tends to
    ignore superhero/horror films almost entirely. Take the X-Men franchise and
    look at their roster Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman ,Ian Mckellen, Michael
    Fassbender, they go all out finding top notch talent, but they will never
    win for their roles. The same with Kevin Bacon, Ethan Hawk.

  11. It’s no surprise that any of these stellar actors are bereft of Oscars,
    despite their talent, they are being judged by a panoply of talent-blind
    fools, I mean, seriously, we’re talking about people that actually admire
    The Hurt Locker here… honestly…

  12. WTF how did Peter O Toole not win an oscar fro Laurence of Arabia, Lions in
    winter, Becket or any other of his movies ? Does Hollywood really dislike
    him that much ? :/

  13. Since when did Oscar even mean anything. It’s a political act, a simple
    justification for artist’s work. These awards shouldn’t be glorified as
    Oscar is right now. This takes away from the artists.

  14. Robert Redford never won either. Anyway, Peter O’Toole in any other year
    would have won an Oscar. Look at the nomination class for the 35th academy
    awards and read the names, it may have been the most competitive class ever.

  15. I was torn between Christopher Waltz and Leo in Django, they both gave
    outstanding performances, but I thought Leo’s was better. He should have
    gotten a nomination I think. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Waltz character,
    but Leo’s had been the best to date well since Gilbert Grape anyways

  16. Samuel L. Jackson should definitely have gotten in there somewhere. When
    it comes to African American actors, he Denzel Washington and Morgan
    Freeman are almost insurpassable.

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