Actors Who Should Have Won Oscars


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We count down the 10 men who have won the Oscar for Best Actor

28 thoughts on “Actors Who Should Have Won Oscars”

  1. Morgan Freeman was much better in Shawshank. Anyone can play a mentally
    handicaped, cause it’s so far from your normal life. He just spouted out a
    bunch of sucker lines that divorced women would love. That film will be
    exposed over time as overrated PG-13 tripe. Freemans role was much harder
    to play. Much quieter, soft spoken & straight faced. Usually actors who
    play straight faced roles say it’s harder, cause you get more embarressed
    in front of the camera. The film shoulda won best picture too

  2. You got a very valid point, it was something special & out of left field
    for the time. However I felt it’s where QT started to become a little too
    mainstream, it just didn’t have that same rough around the edges grittiness
    of earlier films & scripts ‘ala Res Dogs, True Romance, Nat Born Killers &
    Killing Zoe. It’s still a bloody good romp though 🙂 Speaking of Ocar snubs
    the worst in my opinion has to be Goodfellas losing to Dances With Wolves.
    WTF?! Also as good as Rocky was, it should NOT….

  3. Oh bro I am sad to here you say that, I respect your opinion ofcourse but
    it is sad to here. 1.I thought The Departed was a stunning, flawless,
    masterpiece just like his other films. Just beacause it should have been
    his 6th Oscar does not mean he did not deserve to win. Besides its not like
    any of the other nominees even came close 2.Embarased for him? Come on dude
    that is harsh! You are acting as if The Departed is a shit film! You should
    have been happy for him like everyone else./

  4. Well if you think he is the best why are you talking bad about The
    Departed? How is it less of a movie then Goodfellas? The acting was first
    rate, the story was both compelling, complex, and engaging, it was
    extremely well written, it was shocking, daring, and it was just an amazing
    movie that does not have even one flaw, just like Goodfellas. Here my favs
    from him 1.The Departed 2.Taxi Driver 3.Goodfellas 4.Raging bull 5.Gangs of
    New York 6.Shutter Island 7.The Aviator

  5. Hahahaha yes you have a point, but Cape Fear is 90’s nostalgia film noir
    for me. Not to mention the shape Bobby got in for that role, at 49 years
    old. Bloody good effort. And you can’t tell me if a kid was watching that
    film, that they wouldn’t be a little scared of DeNiro in that movie. He bit
    a chunk of a womans cheek off *shudder*. And Boardwalk? It’s better than
    most movies nowadays. Most cable tv stuff is!!! Breaking Bad? Anyway it’s
    my FAV list, not Marty & Bob’s BEST list neccessarily 🙂

  6. Peter O’Toole in “Lawrence of Arabia” and Daniel Day-Lewis in “In The Name
    of The Father” are worth a watch.


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