Best Actors To Not Win An Oscar


25 thoughts on “Best Actors To Not Win An Oscar”

  1. Why is Pulp Fiction deserving movie but in the end it always has to be a
    Johnny Depp movie to rob always the awards that deserves to the icon Sam
    Jackson man I don’t like Johnny Depp because he always ignores his movie
    offer not knowing how much it’s worth He turned down being In Inglorious
    Basterds and Django Unchained in favor of Public Enemies and Lone Ranger
    those movies sucked!

  2. Martin Landau deserved this, especially over Jackson. I loved Jackson in
    Pulp Fiction, but once you see Landau in Ed Wood, you will understand why
    he got it. Only wish he would have got to finish his speech. He was going
    to thank Bela in his speech.

  3. When Jackson made that motion with his fingers to his eyes u just thought
    what the hell does that mean ?admittedly I never watched pulp fiction and
    remember just because a movie is commercially more popular does not give
    them a Oscar I was not so worried about Jackson winning as Gary’s role in
    forest gump though I wanted martin to win.

  4. Landau was fantastic in “Ed Wood”. He totally deserved the Oscar. He
    actually should have also won for Woody Allen’s “Crimes and Misdemeanors”.

  5. Everyone’s talking about Samuel L. Jackson’s reaction, but what about Paul
    Scofield’s? Dude doesn’t clap or react or anything. Kinda rude.

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