Has Edward Norton Ever Won An Oscar


Jeff Bridges and Mira Sorvino present Edward Norton with the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motiion Picture for Primal Fear. He pays his respect to his fellow nominees, and he thanks his cast, crew, producers, and directors. He talks about how his life has become surreal.

24 thoughts on “Has Edward Norton Ever Won An Oscar”

  1. Yes, he deserved the Oscar. I hear Ed Norton’s screen test for Primal Fear
    became legendary ( all the top casting directors, producers, film
    executives, and film directors watched his screen test) , and he signed on
    to Woody Allen’s Everybody Says I Love and Milos Forman’s The People Vs.
    Larry Flynt- before Primal Fear was filmed. Now, that is what I call
    badass. I wish Norton would work often, because he is brilliant.

  2. Serisly academy? Cuga Gooding Jr did NOTHING in Jerry Maguire. NOTHING! All
    he did was act like a funny gangster who yelled “show me the money” a lot.
    He did not show ANY emotion, ANY intensity, and certainly did not show ANY

  3. Not to mention, this was his first performance in his career. NOW, THAT’S A
    FUCKING GOOD ACTOR! Still pissed off about the Academy Awards as well.


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