Comedian Actors


Full interview with Emmy frontrunners Ty Burrell ‘Modern Family’, Don Cheadle ‘House of Lies’, Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‘Modern Family’, Johnny Galecki ‘The Big Bang Theory, Max Greenfield ‘New Girl’, and Ed Helms ‘The Office’.

25 thoughts on “Comedian Actors”

  1. they needed to talk more to johnny and max rather than the guy from the
    office, dont mean to be picky but hes just not that funny

  2. My god, why is it that the only person at the table talking about shows
    being racist or that certain shows don’t have certain colored people in
    them or the only one using non-words is the black guy? I understand the
    plight but at some point, given the lack of any pervasive ideology amid his
    peers at the table, one has to bring up the point that such focus only
    serves to perpetuate a holocaustic mentality which is more indicative of a
    sort of reverse racism rather than any substantial position.

  3. You know what? You are right. I actually wrote something to the contrary a
    sec ago but went back to look at it and you are right. However, there were
    other moments where he did do what I mentioned. Still applies to some
    extent even though somewhat mitigated.

  4. That long silent pause after that lady asks them that first question is
    everything. Like kids in a classrom who don’t want to be the first person
    to answer the teacher’s question.

  5. Irregardless is very much so a word. It is listed in dictionaries as an
    American colloquialism that is humorously used in place of regardless. It
    also says that it has made its way in the American dialect and everyday
    speech and again, used humorously. So I see no reason why a comedian
    wouldn’t use it. So him simply stating that irregardless isn’t a word isn’t
    only incorrect but it’s also a sign of a lack of sense of humor as well as
    an attempt to “kill the general” mood I would say…

  6. Yeah. It’s made into a word because many people used it incorrectly. Just
    like the word ‘literally’. They changed the definition of ‘literally’ just
    because so many people have been using it wrongly. So now ‘literally’ can
    also mean figuratively

  7. You can just tell when Ed is talking about the office that everyone is
    thinking “The show sucks now without Steve Carrell.”

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