Top 10 Male Actors In The World


Hi! so i did try the ‘make a top ten program’, but i got it a bit wrong lol because looks like they only wanted me to use 1 picture each for all the actors… i limited myself to 2 each from 10-2 and then went a bit mad on number 1 and thus went over the time of the song! But there was no way to preview what i had done before i posted it so, i may get round to changing it a bit but it would have to be as another project and have to pay again.
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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Male Actors In The World”

  1. I think Kenny wormald should be in the top 5 cuz he’s so fricken hot and
    not mention his smile, his accent, his dancing and his sexy body 🙂

  2. Really?..I can’t believe it! Johnny is so sexy for me, well is your
    opinion..and why don’t you put Ian Somerhalder on this list?..he’s like an
    uncle for you too?

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