Top 10 Male Actors Of All Time


These are the men who sweep women off their feet. Literally. Join as we count down our top 10 favorite romantic leading men.

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Male Actors Of All Time”

  1. Um, I don’t think most people would call Hanks a love interest…he’s a
    good actor, but a love interest? Not hardly.

  2. I’m sorry, but Hugh Grant didn’t even BELONG on this list. His face is
    lumpy. His eyes frown and have this weird arch to them. His top lip is
    pencil lipped. There’s just no way. This list only has a few guys that
    qualify to be on it.

  3. I have my personal Idols such as Ryan Gosling and Channing tatum

    They would be on the top 5 if these are only movies from 2004 and today :D

  4. HUGH GRANT! that’s too funny 😀 I like him, but he can’t be in the first
    spot. Love Rock Hudson, though! What about Marlon Brando? I’m glad I saw
    Redford. But then there’s Depp, Pitt, Firth, Armitage!!! There’s so many
    missing. If you’re going to include Hanks, why not Matthew McFayden?
    There’s McAvoy…too many

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