Top 10 Male Actors Under 20


26 thoughts on “Top 10 Male Actors Under 20”

  1. Most people love the guys from Boys Over Flowers and stuff but I love Min
    Ho since I first saw him in Personal Taste which is also my first Korean
    So I like Lee Min Ho, not because of B.O.F but since I first saw him.
    He is still my favorite though even after I had watch so many K-Dramas, I
    still like Min Ho better!

  2. Well.i guess that is your own opinion .but can’t prove that unless you’ve
    seen their childhood pictures and what they really look like in the
    beginning ,because we’ve heard that surgery is very much common in showbiz
    industry.The only actor we totally agreed in your list is Jang keun
    suk.because he was discovered by a talent agent when he was only 5.You know
    what talent agent job is? to search for beautiful people for commercials
    and films.We’ve seen his baby pictures and most of his videos from
    childhood till now doing modelling.commercials and films.He is really a
    pretty boy.That proves it all that he got a genuine beautiful face and
    deserved to be called handsome.

  3. I didn’t even have to watch the whole video to know who #1 was. Because
    anyone who doesn’t think Lee Min Ho is the hottest Korean man is seriously
    disturbed. ;)

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